beach engagement session at cypress point park, florida

I had the most amazing beach engagement session with these cuties, Ryan and Kendall, and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it! Seriously, their love for each other was so infectious, and it made this whole experience even more special.

From the moment we started the session, it was clear that Ryan and Kendall were madly in love. They were so playful and just radiated happiness, which made capturing their authentic moments a breeze. I truly believe that love is the most beautiful and raw emotion, and I strive to capture that in all my photographs.

Cypress Point Park Engagement Photos

We decided to head over to this secluded part of Cypress Point Park that had it all in terms of location – of course, the sandy beach, a grassy meadow, tall grass fields, rocky shorelines, and a really cool driftwood grove. I always love finding new destinations for my photo shoots because it adds that extra element of surprise and uniqueness. And let me tell you, this spot did not disappoint!

The beach backdrop added a touch of romance to the whole shoot. The way the golden sun kissed the ocean waves and the soft sand beneath their feet, it was like something out of a dream. We laughed, we danced, and Ryan & Kendall even dipped their toes in the ocean. It was an adventure filled with joy and love, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

As a photographer, my goal is to capture the essence of a couple’s love and create memories that they’ll cherish forever. And with Ryan and Kendall, I feel like we definitely achieved that with their engagement session. They were so open to trying out different poses and embracing their quirks, which made the whole session uniquely theirs.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of such a beautiful moment in their lives. Being able to witness and capture the love between couples like Ryan and Kendall is what motivates me to continue doing what I do. It’s these kind of sessions that remind me why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

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