Jess & Colin’s Wedding Celebration – From North Carolina to Florida

I had the privilege of capturing Jess & Colin’s wedding celebrations, a beautiful experience that spanned from North Carolina to Florida. Their special day began at The Ridge in Asheville, NC, surrounded by the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Love, emotion, and sweet moments filled the entire day – from the ceremony to the couple’s private vows to the dancing – shared between Jess, Colin, and their families, symbolizing the journey from North Carolina to Florida.

As a photographer, capturing authentic moments that truly reflect the love between couples and their families is my goal. Jess & Colin’s wedding offered a goldmine of these moments – from their teary-eyed vow exchange to their joyous first dance.

Two weeks later, the joy of photographing Jess & Colin’s unique reception at The Florida Aquarium was mine. This unique celebration presented a completely different atmosphere from their wedding ceremony. Surrounded by the ocean and the creatures who call it home, they danced the night away with friends and family.

The aquarium served as a creative and unique backdrop for their reception, and I captured every special moment – from the laughter during toasts to the sweet dances between Jess & Colin, encapsulating their journey from North Carolina to Florida.

As a photographer, these moments, from North Carolina to Florida, remind me why I love my job. Capturing the love and joy between couples and their families is a privilege, and participating in Jess & Colin’s wedding celebrations was a grateful experience. It was a day of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories, beautifully bookended by their celebrations from North Carolina to Florida.

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