Alex & Randall’s Tampa Wedding at the Epicurean Hotel

In the heart of Tampa, Florida, Alex & Randall’s fairy-tale wedding unfolded at the sophisticated Epicurean Hotel. Their Tampa wedding at the Epicurean Hotel perfectly blended sweetness and whimsy, and I captured every moment.

The morning kicked off with Randall and his groomsmen playing poker, laughter and camaraderie echoing through the air. This game wasn’t just any game; it was a moment of bonding and celebration of Randall’s forthcoming journey. The clink of chips and the shuffle of cards set the day’s tone against a backdrop of anticipation.

First Look at the Epicurean

Then, the sweet first look between Alex & Randall at their Tampa wedding at the Epicurean Hotel took place. In a secluded spot at the hotel, Randall’s eyes lit up seeing Alex in her wedding dress for the first time, capturing their love’s essence—pure, joyful, and deeply rooted in mutual adoration. Their embrace promised a lifetime together, creating a magical moment.

As the day went on, Alex’s stunning dress change during the reception added an extra glamour layer. This transformation reflected her vibrant personality and the celebration’s festive spirit. The new dress sparkled under the Epicurean Hotel’s lights, drawing admiring glances from the guests. It symbolized the start of her new life with Randall.

Sparkler Send Off

The night ended with a spectacular sparkler send-off, perfectly concluding their Tampa wedding at the Epicurean Hotel. Friends and family surrounded Alex & Randall as they ran through a tunnel of sparkling lights, their faces glowing with happiness. This grand exit was more than just a farewell; it was a beacon of their bright future together.

Capturing Alex & Randall’s Tampa wedding at the Epicurean Hotel was an honor. From the playful beginning to the sparkling end, every moment testified to their love story. Their celebration was a beautiful mix of sweetness, whimsy, and love—a story I was proud to tell through my photographs. Their wedding was not just an event but a celebration of love at its most joyful.

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